Thank you everyone for all your encouragement on my first ever solo travel experience
-  for putting up with all my e-mails - messages & calls both happy and sad -
for making me smile again  telling me to "hang in there" when things have gone wrong
I would never have set out or survived on this travel adventure without your constant support

To all the lovely people who have made my dreams and memories very special

My Taxi Driver - Special Friend - Best Buddie
Thank you for collecting a me from the Airport & making sure I got to my hotel safely
For being taxi driver from Tacoma to Seattle
Although we didn't spend as much time as I wanted together
the time we shared was a fun awesome time which I will treasure forever

A wonderful lifetime friend
I have used parts of her diary to tell my Story through Europe
Allowing me to stay with her in Kansas
showing me the local sights and sharing a tornado with me
Coming to NZ to Visit and
will always be a life long friend

Kenny and Cheryl
Two wonderful friends from Georgia
I will be forever grateful for their hospitality
offering me to stay with them
taking me around to see some amazing sights
and having some very interesting different meals out
treasured memories forever

My forever travel buddie & companion
Who offered me a place to stay in Virginia & Virginia Beach
A wonderful travel companion
showing me the sites of Virginia - Washing DC & surrounding places
Rescuing me when I needed to get away from Brooklyn NY
Driving me From Virgina to JFK New York to catch a flight to LA then NZ
I will be forever grateful

A my KIWI Buddie and lifetime friend
who shared our Europe Adventure with Donna and me

My kids and Grandkids
Who I left behind at the start of my adventure
but now  sharing some of my latest travel adventures
To my Son who I would never been able to afford my first trip without his help

I came back home to NZ in 2008 after almost 4 years of travel.
My travel went on hold for a few years as
I came home to take care of my dear old Dad
who passed away 25 September 2010

We spent many happy hours talking about where I have been
and the wonderful friends I made along the way,

I now have 8 beautiful grandchildren who keep me busy but still manage to do short trips from time to time
taking my family with me or sometimes just going on my own

It is now 2020 a new decade has begun -  Next Stop Gold Coast Australia

Mum and Dad
My Story and my Travel Journey is Dedicated to you
You  gave me the courage and inspiratio
n to follow my dreams
Amelia and Me Paris
Cheryl Kenny and Me Papadeaux
Donna and Me Germany