Legian Street No 190
Kuta, Bali 80361

Check in:  Fri 2-Sep-2011
Check out:  Wed 7-Sep-2011
BALI 2011

Fri 2-Sep-11
Auckland (AKL)  Depart 12:15 am
Terminal I         to         Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
Arrive 7:40 am   Terminal M        
Duration: 11hr 25mn          MH Malaysia Airlines
Flight: 132

Economy/Coach Class ( 14D, 14E ), Meal, 772 - BOEING 777/200
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)  Depart 8:50 am   Terminal M         to         Denpasar
Arrive 11:50 am     Duration: 3hr 0mn       MH Malaysia Airlines
Flight: 715

3Economy/Coach Class ( 15D, 15E ), Meal, Airbus A330
Total duration: 14hr 25mn (15hr 35mn with connections)
Wed 7-Sep-11   Denpasar (DPS)
Depart 4:05 pm         to         Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
Arrive 7:00 pm   Terminal M        Duration: 2hr 55mn          
MH Malaysia Airlines
Flight: 850

3Economy/Coach Class ( 10B, 10C ), Meal, Boeing 737-400
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)  Depart 9:20 pm
Terminal M         to         Auckland (AKL)
Arrive 11:20 am +1 day
Terminal I        Duration: 10hr 0mn          
MH Malaysia Airlines
Flight: 131
3Economy/Coach Class ( 16D, 16E ), Meal, 772 - BOEING 777/200
BALI 2011  
2 - 7th September

MY 60th Birthday with Sharlene

Trip to Bali with Sharlene to celebrate my 60th Birthday. Flew Malaysian Airlines non stop to Bali
and then via Kuala Lumpa on the way home. The Home trip was terrible full of people coming to see
the Rugby world cup and squashed in the middle row on the plane.
Stayed in Kuta at The Niche, first room the lock didnt work so we moved to another room. The
people were lovely but the hotel very noisy. It was down an alley way off the main street of Kuta.
Kuta was extremely hot, dirty and the first day we asked ourselves why did we come here. But by
time the second day had begun we got used to the heat the noise and the people. We ate most of the
time at our hotel by the pool, but on my birthday we went out and had cocktails and lunch.
Shopping was quite commercialised from what we had seen 20 years prior, but we did eventually
find a great shopping plaza. Spent heaps of money on clothes. All in all a good but short trip, but
was plenty long enough, Sharlene got grumpy with me snoring because we shared the same room.
Oh well  The hotel did have an amazing massage place that we both took advantage of after walking
around Bali and getting very sore feet.