Flight: London to Dubai to Auckland
Traveler name: Wendy Moyes
Depart: Mon Jul-31-2006

London (LHR)   Depart 8:30 pm
Terminal 3  to  Dubai (DXB)
Arrive 6:25 am   +1 day
Terminal 1 6hr 55mn Emirates 4
Economy/Coach Class, Meal, Boeing 777
Total distance: 3,403 mi (5,477 km)                         

Total duration: 6hr 55mn  

Return: Thu Aug-3-2006
Dubai (DXB)  Depart 10:10 am
Terminal 1  to  Melbourne (MEL)
Arrive 5:30 am   +1 day
Terminal 2 13hr 20mn Emirates 406
Meal, Airbus A340

Return: Fri Aug-4-2006
Melbourne    Depart 7:15 am
Terminal 2  to  Auckland (AKL)
Arrive 12:45 pm
Terminal I 3hr 30mn Emirates 406

, Meal, Airbus A340

Total distance: 8,879 mi (14,289 km) Total duration: 16hr
I flew from Heathrow airport London after ending my Euro trip. I literally got off the tour bus
into a cab and off to the airport.  My bags were so overweight they wanted to charge me $900
NZ excess baggage. But I managed to get it down to $300. I was running late and I rushed off to
the wrong flight, I was heading to Gate number 1, A flight going to Dubai. I almost got onto the
plane when finally somebody stopped me and told me I was on the wrong plane. They found out
that I had to be at Gate No. 22. It was miles away. Panic, tiredness and grumpiness set in as I
rushed along the walking escalators. finally I got to the right Gate as they were boarding the right
Plane. Emirates tis time. I sat next to 2 Arabic girls and they were outspoken to the men in front
of us when they reclined their seats.

I enjoyed my flight, Emirates are a wonderful airline to fly on. I arrived at Dubai early in the
morning and got a shuttle to my Hotel. Only to find that they wouldn't let me go to my room until
2pm. It was only 8am. I told them I was going to cry. Anyway to cut a long story short I was soon
in my room,  I went straight to sleep and I slept until mid-day the next day. I missed the tour I
was supposed to be going on, but it was just so hot outside I decided to head off to a shopping
plaza. The shuttle took me there and inside it was cool and refreshing. But I hated the Arab
people, they were so rude. Finally it was time to leave and go back to my hotel, but I couldn't find
my way out of the plaza to get a shuttle. I kept asking people and they kept sending me to the
wrong place.  I ended up in a Mens only taxi area where they yelled at me and spat on me. It was
horrible. finally I found the right place almost in tears, and hating this place. But then every time I
tried to get a cab an Arab male would push in front of me. It was like standing in a stockyard with
these crazy people everywhere.
Finally I felt my temper rising and I think the guy directing the cabs thought I was going to make
a scene and he put me into a cab and I finally got back to my hotel. That night I was supposed to
go on another tour, but I decided not to go. I had decided that I hated this place.

the next day it was time to head back to the airport, and another experience with excess baggage.
First I couldn't find where I was supposed to go to check in.  There was so much security it was
crazy. Finally I got thru about security stops, after doing battle over getting my seat on the plane.
For some reason they didn't want to give me a seat. I have no idea to this day why.  I had to pay
about another $500 in excess baggage. I was going thru the last security stop when they decided
there was something in my bags. This ugly Arab woman literally tipped everything out of my
backpack onto the ground and then when she could  find nothing wrong turned here back on me
and told me to pick it all up. They really are nasty people and I will never go back there alone. I
would consider going if I had company.
But the plane was once again a lovely flight.
So I start my end of my European adventure on my way home to NZ.
The Trips I booked and didn't