Amsterdam. Here we visit Dam Square and see
the Mint Tower before visiting a
diamond-polishing factory,
Cruise along the canal's of the 'Venice of the
North' in a glass topped boat, Stroll past the
notorious 'red lights' district.
July 1st 2006

We met the 32 people who will be on our tour and our tour director, Raymond Row. Collected our box breakfast and drove to Dover on our London
Tour Bus. From there we took the ferry to Belgium and on arrival transferred to our travelling home for the next 32 days. Our drivers name was
Peter, an excellent Belgium Driver. I cant praise his driving skills enough.  We were told our Bathroom stops would cost us 20 to 60 euro but the
bathrooms were extremely clean, even if the women collecting our token to use them were mostly very stern looking women.

After arriving in Amsterdam we checked into the Dorint Sofitel Amsterdam, Hotel. We soon see that most of the population here travel by bicycle.
When they have no further use or if the bike breaks they just throw it into the river and get another one. There bike parking garages here rather
than car parking garages.

We took a canal ride. The houses along the canal were tall and not very wide.  They had rope pulleys attached near the roof to pull furniture up.  
After dark, we took a walking our of the "Old Sailors" quarters. Girls pay for the window to display their "Wares"
"Coffee" houses were a common sight. These are where the locals buy their drugs, They are not illegal in Amsterdam.