• KOLSTEIN - Eagles Nest

The so-called “Eagle’s Nest” was built as teahouse for Adolf Hitler’s 50th birthday. Perched on a mountain
summit, its unusual position makes of the daring project a unique engineering feat. What few realize is that
Hitler’s home and headquarters - the second seat of 3rd Reich power - were located at Obersalzberg, at the
foot of the Eagle’s Nest mountain.
For most of those not from Germany, Berchtesgaden on the southern Bavarian border of the Alps with
Austria southeast of Munich is most associated with Adolf Hitler and WWII history. Old newsreel images of
the Fuehrer romping with mistress Eva Braun with a backdrop of jagged snow covered peaks and deep
Alpine valleys are the familiar visions, though the black & white photography of old footage hardly does
justice to the blue shaded colors of the Obersalzberg Alps where green grass meets snow white mountain