Lourdes (Occitan: Lorda) is a town and commune situated in the southwest of the
Hautes-Pyrénées department, lying in the first Pyrenean foothills, in southwestern
July 27:  A long journey across dry Spain.  It was more mountainous, green and prosperous in the Basque
area in the northern part of Spain.  We entered southern France and were soon driving by large cornfields,
rather neat little villages and farm houses.
Lourdes is a place of pilgrimage for thousands. Visit the miraculous Grotto and drink
the curative waters before driving to Bordeaux for an orientation tour.
Hotel: Mercure Bordeaux Meriadeck Centre

We arrived in Lourdes around 5:00.  We left the hotel at 8:30 for the torch light procession.  It was raining
heavily, thundering and lightening and the wind was blowing.  Our candles got wet and blew out.  We went
back to the hotel.  There were lots of people there in wheel chairs etc.

July 28: I went for an early a.m. walk before breakfast in Lourdes.  It was still misty.  The river ran right in
front of our hotel.  The business of the town seems to be the tourist coming in search of a miracle.

A little way outside of Lourdes we stopped and toured Betharram Caves.  We walked, boated and road a
train out.  The tour guide was a lot of fun.
15km west of Lourdes -The Bétharram caves are among the most beautiful around, and
undoubtedly the most interesting to visit as they provide, through the variety of the sights to be
seen, the key to the formation of nearly all the formed or forming caves
There are five superimposed levels, which were hollowed at different times
These caves boast huge limestone deposits and waterfalls.  The tour lasts about 1 hour & 20 mins in

  • travel to the centre of the earth
  • Full crossing of a five-floor mountain
  • Trip on a barge
  • Tour on a tourist train
  • Exhibition on prehistory
The Bétharram caves