Arc de Triomphe - Built to commemorate Napoleon’s victories, this impressive arch is a symbol of French pride.

Eiffel Tower - The definitive symbol of Paris, and indeed France, the Eiffel tower dominates the city skyline. At night from atop its viewing decks Paris
sparkles and earns its name as the ‘City of Lights’.

Champs Elysees - This is Paris’ grand boulevard and a great place to stroll and soak up the atmosphere of elegant stores, restaurants, theatres and hotels.

The Seine - The lifeline of the city, this river makes its way under numerous bridges - perfect for romantic moments. Take a boat trip down the Seine or just
stroll along its banks and discover this great city.

The Louvre - Paris artistic soul may come from the artist quarter of Montemarte, but it is stored in The Louvre. Within The Louvre lies a myriad of paintings
and sculptures. Not least the world’s most famous painting – the Mona Lisa.
July 29:  We stopped in a village for a.m. break and larger village for lunch.  A large dike divided the city and river.  After arriving in Paris around 5:00 we
took off at 6:30 for a city tour including Notre Dam.  We each found a place to eat for dinner after the tour.  Donna and I ate in a very crowded little café.

Next we were off to the
Eiffel Tower while it was still light.  We went to the second level and had a wonderful view of the city from all sides.  The tower lit
and we watched the lights twinkle every hour on the hour for 10 minutes.  We went to a vantage point to take a picture at 11:00.  We were home at 11:30.  
We were very tired.   Donna and I even tried to move to the 5th floor instead of the 6th.  Oops!

July 30:  Went to the Louve for a quick tour and saw the “Wings of Victory, “Slaves”, “Mona Lisa” and a few other masters.  We went on a monorail to
Montserratcrazy when we were about 30 minutes before departure time.  We got back around 3:00 and since it was Sunday all the shops and mall in the
area were closed.

The Can-Can was interesting.  It was kind of like a variety show and had excellent entertainment.  There were a couple of dances where some of the gals
forgot their tops though.  A few of the group indulged too much in the liquid refreshments…Miranda, Mick and Henry…to mention a few.

The end of my Journey through Europe
July 31:  The Canadian ladies and Donna were dropped off at the airport at 7:45 a.m.  I continued on with the rest of the tour group on the bus and we
continued back to the port to catch the ferry back across to Dover and then a Bus ride back to London.
On arriving back I jumped off the bus and Raymond hailed me a taxi for my departure from the UK and the end of my European Tour. Tonight I was heading
for Dubai then back home to NZ.