• PARIS - Night Time Views
July 29:  We were off to the Eiffel Tower while it was
still light.  We went to the second level and had a
wonderful view of the city from all sides.  The tower
lit and we watched the lights twinkle every hour on
the hour for 10 minutes.  We went to a vantage point
to take a picture at 11:00.  We were home at 11:30.  
We were very tired.   Donna and I even tried to move
to the 5th floor instead of the 6th.  Oops!

Eiffel Tower - The definitive symbol of Paris, and
indeed France, the Eiffel tower dominates the city
skyline. At night from atop its viewing decks Paris
sparkles and earns its name as the ‘City of Lights’.