Cannes (IPA: [kan], in Occitan Canas) is a city in the French department of Alpes-Maritimes
in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. Located in Southern Europe at the south
eastern extremity of France, Cannes is a privileged crossroads between the Alps, Provence,
Monaco and Italy.
Early this morning we went to the most photographed village in France. St David, Mark Chagall
is buried in the cemetery. Next we stopped at Cannes, home of the film festival. We ate lunch
there, and some of our group went for a swim at the beach. I wanted to but had to make a choice
between checking out all the boutiques plus I needed to buy a small suitcase as I have by now
bought so many things. Tonight we have an elegant dinner and drinks by the 3 Corniches.