July 2nd 2006

After a great breakfast we were on the road to Köln.  We stopped in Antwerp for a tour of
the diamond factory then continued on our journey. We toured the Köln gothic Cathedral
and had a self tour around the town.

We then continued on to our cruise down the Rhine. We saw many castles, pretty villages,
farms, vineyards and churches. The churches had roosters on them. Was that to remind the
parishioners to get up and go to church when the rooster crows?

We spend the night at the Rhineland NH Weinheim hotel. It was hot and noisy there and no
air conditioning.

The next day we head off to Heidelberg to view the castle. Then we enjoy a scenic drive
through the Black Forest passing by the Popular resort of Lake Titisee.
We visit Hofgut Sternen where we see where they make world famous Cuckoo clocks. Went
for a little walk into the forest it is a Very pretty area
We then cross the Swiss border.