Athens & the Acropolis
The Acropolis on which is the Parthenon, the symbol of classical architecture. The entrance to the top of
the hill is through the Propylea, the ‘gates’ through which the Panathinea processions used to enter, built
totally of white marble and covering an area of 50 meters across the whole western front of the Acropolis.
Next to these is the temple of Athena Niki also known as the ‘Wingless Victory’. The Parthenon is the major
temple built in honour of Goddess Athena. Her statue decorates the centre of the temple and it was made
of ivory and gold. Next to the Parthenon is the smaller Temple of Erechthion with lovely sculptured young
maidens supporting the roof of the porch. From the top of the Acropolis you can also admire the ancient
theatre of Herodus Atticus with its remarkable acoustics. Performances are still held here each summer
being the highlights of cultural events in the Eastern Mediterranean