Facts on Delphi
Delphi, lying on the slopes of Mt Parnassus high above the Gulf of
Corinth, is one of the most famous cult sites in Greece, famed
throughout the ancient Greek world and beyond as the sanctuary
of Apollo and the shrine of his oracle. The site ranks with the
Acropolis in Athens, Olympia and the island of Delos as one of the
most important sites of the classical period of Greece; and the
wealth of ancient remains combines with its magnificent mountain
setting to make Delphi one of the high points of a visit to Greece.
July 17:  
Our The cruise group joined up with the others again.  We travel to Delphi and ate lunch in the villa restaurant.  
Then we explore archaeological site of Delphi, and up to the Sacred Way to the Temple of Apollo. Following
your guide uphill you see the various treasuries, small temples erected by the Greek city states to receive the
offerings made by their citizens. Admire the inscriptions from over 2.000 years ago, that can still be seen today.
Continue the walk by the ancient site of the Senate of Delphi and the oracle, which according to legend was
guarded by the snake Python. From here the tour visits the Delphi archaeological Museum where your guide
will point out some of the most important exhibitsThe heat was over awing so Donna and I didn’t get quite as
adventurous as most of the group and walk all the trails to the top of the hill. Then we headed back to Patras for
our return ferry trip.  This crossing was quieter and not so chilly.  I guess we learned from our last trip.