July 13:  

Our breakfast was in the “formal” dining area this morning.  It consisted of cornflakes and hard rolls.  The cereal
was already in our bowl. The waiters poured our milk and there were 8 or so hard rolls to share at the table.  
YUM!!!  We were on the boat until almost noon.  We docked at Patras and resumed our bus trip.

We finally stopped around 2:30 for a quick lunch and a look at the Corinth Canal.  Our hotel is nice with shops
around.  The group will be staying here for several days while sixteen of us in our group go on the extra 3 day
Greek Island Cruise.  Those of us going on this tour went on a quick tour of Athens and the Acropolis and
Parthenon, the rest of our tour group were going to do this tomorrow after we set out on our Cruise.

We went on the underground tour Greek Dinner.  We were served many little courses before the main course
(bread with toppings, stuffed grape leaves etc.).  Chicken Kabobs and then fresh fruit finished the meal.  Most of
us walked home after eating.
July 14:  

Excellent breakfast in our hotel.  We departed at 8:00 for our Greek Isles tour of Athens.