Tonight we are staying at Holiday Inn Naples. There are ugly fruit
stands across the street in front of the hotel. The buildings were
much nicer out the back door of the hotel. They were relatively new
but looked like a lot of them were vacant. There were many children
who living in the apartment using the streets and plazas as their
playground. Naples is reported to be a rather rough city.
We did a city tour and the traffic was horrendous. Our bus driver
ended up driving along the tram line util a tram came along then he
moved onto the oncoming traffic for a moment. I have never seen so
many scooter in my life. What a crazy place. The motor scooter guys
were CRAZY,  some tried to pass our turning side.
We are off to an inlaid wood factory. They had beautiful items.  
Cathedral-Duomo - Built at the end of the 12th century, this beautiful cathedral has been restored both to
repair damage caused by earthquakes and to add to its aesthetic splendour.
Posillipo - See the gorgeous villas atop the hill and enjoy the views of the Bay of Naples and the famous Mount
Vesuvius, one of two active volcanoes in Europe.
Via San Gregorio Armeno - This long and narrow street is world famous for its terracotta Christmas crib figures.
Explore the area and discover numerous monuments, including the San Gregorio Armeno monastery.
Piazza del Plebiscito - This semicircular piazza forms the centrepiece of Naples and is surrounded by the
magnificent Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale) on one side, and the church of San Francesco di Paola on the other.