July 23:  A long trip through France and into Spain.  Tonight we are in Barcelona.  We went to a Flamenco
Restaurant.  We enjoyed wonderful food and desserts.   Then we watched the Flamenco dancers…2 men, 5
ladies, 3 musicians and 2 or 3 singers.  They were excellent.

On our way back we stopped to watch the dancing water fountains and lights with the president’s home on top
of the hill in the background.  The promenade also had fountains all along the way.  

July 24:  Visited several churches in Barcelona.  Then to a jewelry/leather store for yet another
“demonstration.  Then we were off to Montserrat and the Black Madonna.  Their plantings included:
Palm Tree for Lashings
Cypress Tree for Eternity
Olive Tree for Peace
Laurel Tree for Victory

July 25:  Long boring journey from Barcelona to Madrid.  Often the countryside was very dry, hilly/mountains,
valleys with farms and fruit trees.
Everyone seems to live in apartment buildings.  There are cranes around both cities building more and more
and more apartments.

At 6:45 we went on a city tour.  We walked in a park etc.
We ate dinner in the square around 10:00 (Donna, Marcelle, Evelyn and I).  Madrid is much prettier than
Barcelona.  Many unique buildings were built by the rich for homes etc.  We went to the train station that was
bombed.  We are constantly told to watch our bags and purses though.  There are many people coming here
from Africa etc.

July 26:  We went to Toledo, Spain (former cap.) and renowned for its iron and gold works.  I bought a little
Christmas gift here.  We ordered a late lunch in a bar/grill with very slow service.  We toured a very old and
beautiful church (probably the one I liked best of all the churches we toured) and stopped in a nunnery.  We
took another tour around Madrid but we were getting toured out.  Six stayed for the Padra Museum, others
went shopping and would catch a bus back to the hotel and 5 of us went back to the hotel.  Donna and I took a
walk to find some dinner.  No one opens up until 8:00 p.m. due to their afternoon siesta.  The waitress did not
speak English.  We pointed to an item on the menu and she waved her arms and said “Bock, Bock”.  We thought
we were getting a chicken sandwich but instead it was a scrambled egg sandwich!

July 27:  A long journey across dry Spain.  It was more mountainous, green and prosperous in the Basque area
in the northern part of Spain.  We entered southern France and were soon driving by large cornfields, rather
neat little villages and farm houses.