Montserrat is a mountain near Barcelona, in Catalonia, in Spain. It is the site of a
Benedictine abbey, Santa Maria de Montserrat, which hosts the Virgin of
Montserrat sanctuary and which is identified by some [1] with the location of the
Holy Grail in Arthurian myth.

"Montserrat" literally means "jagged (serrated) mountain" in Catalan. It describes
the peculiar aspect of the rock formation, which is visible from a great distance.
The mountain is composed of strikingly pink conglomerate, a form of sedimentary
rock, popular with climbers.
A Black Madonna or Black Virgin is a statue or painting of Mary in which she is
depicted with dark or black skin. This name applies in particular to European
statues or pictures of a Madonna which are of special interest because her dark
face and hands is thought by some to be the true color. In this specialised sense