The true beauty of Lake Lucerne is revealed as we cruise the tranquil waters
and enjoy the stunning scenery of snowcapped mountains, green pastures
and dense forests
View the Lion Monument and see the Chapel Bridge this morning, then time
at leisure to perhaps join an excursion to ascend a spectacular Swiss Alp by
cable car. A Swiss Folklore Show tonight
July 3rd 2006

We cross the border into Switzerland.  We passed thru Zurich, I was disappointed in just another big city. But then we
were only on the out skirts so didnt see much. Finally we arrive at our hotel at Lake Lucerne.

We went for a little walk down to the lake, then ate our dinner at the hotel then walked to an Indoor/outdoor cafe  
where we watched a Swiss Folk Music show.

July 4: We cruised on beautiful Lake Lucerne and then took a cog train ride to the top of Mt. Pilatus.  We ate lunch on
the mountain top and then had a gondola ride back down the mountain to Lucerne.  We had 3 or 4 very hot shopping
hours.  We are in the same hotel as last night.  Italy won the soccer match.  Idiots were driving their cars, honking their
horns and yelling until all hours of the night.  We heard some of our tour members voices in the mob.  We had to keep
our windows open as there was no air conditioning and we were facing the street.  No Sleep!!!!
Bridges of Lucerne - Lucerne has two famous and beautiful medieval bridges, Kapellbrucke and Speuerbrucke.
The Lion Monument - Described as the saddest piece of rock in the world, the poignant Lion Monument was carved out
of natural rock in 1821. The monument is dedicated to the 726 Swiss guards who lost their lives in the French
Pilatus Kulm - Make your way to the top of this mountain overlook near Lucerne by foot, cable-car, or the world's
steepest cogwheel railway. Amazing views await you at the top.
Swiss Transportation Museum - This lakefront museum has trains, planes and automobiles and includes an IMAX
theater and Swissorama, a 20-minute, 360º film that whizzes you around the sights of Switzerland as if you were
travelling by air, sea, road and foot.
Water Tower - Lucerne's trademark, this 34 meter octagonal tower was built around 1300 as part of the city wall. It
has been an archive, a treasury, a prison and a torture chamber.