MARCH 23TH - 25th  2006 -  Auckland - Tahiti - New York

I am finally here in New York. What a journey. I arrived at the airport at 10am My Daughter had to be in a meeting at work at 11am so she
dropped me early. What a laugh. My flight was delayed 5 hours. Instead of flying out at 1.30pm as expected, ended up finally getting into the
air at 6pm. It is a 5 hour flight to Papeete (Tahiti) and was on an airbus. The flight crew was lovely. Very friendly. I had an aisle seat in a
row of 4 and had 3 Swedish people beside me and 2 older German men on my left. They were all very nice to me and by the end of the
journey we had struck up a couple of nice conversations. The 2 German men had on going flights to South America which of course they
missed. I have no idea what happened to them as the last I saw of them they had no place to sleep. Poor guys, but they took it all in good
humor and said it was just the adventure of travel. They actually live in NZ but I knew they were foreign the moment they spoke.

I was last through immigration and customs which was to become a regular thing in this leg of my travel. From the airport I was collected
by the Tahiti Travel agent and taken to the RADISSON. Wow what a beautiful place. Right on the Beach. By the time I got settled into my
room and I was last again at the registration, but they lovely young man carried my bags right up to my room and set up the air con and
made sure I was comfortable so worth the wait. Anyway I finally got to sleep at 3am just laying there listening to the waves crash onto the
beach, what a wonderful sound. Of course I overslept and when I woke I had no idea what time check out was because everything was
written in French. So I thought to bad I will just go lay on this beautiful beach. I lay there and paddled in the water for the next 3 hours.
Then back to my room to pack up, my shuttle was coming for me at 5.30pm for my 9pm flight. But getting back to my room I found I was
locked out. I was supposed to check out at 11am, but the French guy at reception after growling at me in such a lovely way in his sexy
accent told me he wouldn't’t check me out until 5pm and also wouldn't’t charge me extra. So I packed my bags and went off down to check
out the couple of shops in the hotel. Then my shuttle arrived 30 minutes early so of course I was early to the airport and ended up sitting on
my case waiting to be checked in. It was such a laid back place, so very casual. Anyway to cut a long wait short I bought myself a black
pearl necklace.
Then it was finally time to go through security and wait for boarding. My bags were scanned and it all seemed OK, but the young security
guy wanted to see inside my bag, I knew it had the all clear through the scanner he just wanted to tease me and chat to me, I growled at him
for being so naughty and inquisitive. He just laughed.

Once through immigration and customs I had to get a customs stamp as it was duty free. What a laugh - let me just say that there were on
36 passengers on the Flight from Tahiti to New York, half of us were waiting for a customs officer to come and stamp our paperwork, the
crew all boarded the plane and we told them as they past us that they would have no passengers as we were all waiting on our little stamp
to claim our duty free.

Finally we set out on our flight. Most people had a whole row of seats to themselves so a very comfy flight. I settled for a window seat with 2
seats on it, but did not’t really sleep, had a couple of little naps, and watched 2 videos. Anyway arrived in New York and I as the only person
that had to go through immigration as a non US citizen off the flight. But for me things are never easy. Prior to my arrival an emirates plane
flew in and I am sure half of the Arab nation at arrived. I had to line up behind them all. And what at hard time they were getting at
immigration. Every single one of them was taken aside and Interviewed, hence holding up what should have been a very quick easy exit out
of the airport for me. Once my time came I got questioned rather intensely as to why I wanted to stay so long in the US, how much money I
had, who I was planning on seeing and staying with, where I was planning on going. But I just smiled and of course I had on a sexy low cut
top and I am sure that is why I was getting questioned so much as his eyes kept sliding down my neck.

Well finally I get out of immigration and go to get my bags and there were 2 security guards with my lonely little bag, I guess they were
thinking where is the owner. I quickly claimed my bag and headed to the customs check. Once again caught up before all these Arabs. The
guy there gave me an ever harder time but I just kept smiling at him and chatting to him, finally he let me through.
I got to the meeting areas only to find nobody there to meet me, I had given  the wrong date, and said I was arriving the day before, I just got
myself all mixed up with times, so after making a phone call,  I had another wait, but finally I got collected and bought to my new home for
the next 3 months.

Wow another bit of a shock. I wasn’t quite expecting quite so many black people, I have not seen a white face yet, but hey I am sure I will do
just fine. I don’t plan on going out exploring for a while until I find a bit more confidence in myself. So here I am sitting writing the beginning
of the next saga of my life, I am sure it will be a very exciting and enlightening one.
June 14th and June 15th 2006 - New York - Dublin - London

i Leave for airport with  at 2pm; have to book in by 3pm. All went really smoothly, they did not’t even weight
my bag
The plane took an extra hour to taxi our due to so many planes on the runway; I was getting very nervous as I
only had an hour to connect in Dublin for my next flight. But we made up time and I had 15 minutes to spare
once I got through immigration, which of course was just a stamp in my passport no questions, nothing. I
finally found where I had to go after confusing myself and almost getting lost and walking the wrong direction,
only I do things like this. I sat beside a nice young guy on my flight from JFK to Dublin, he as off to Berlin to the
world cup. Had an aisle seat but the seats were not that comfy. The people at Dublin airport were wonderful
and I fell in love with the place in the short time I was there.  I am so glad I am going back there on my bus trip.
When I got to Heathrow it was weird, got off the plane and picked up my bag and no immigration nothing. My
taxi I had ordered never turned up, so I wandered around the airport for a while then decided to go up to
Terminal 3 where I should have been able to find the Tour place and maybe could organize a shuttle to my
hotel, but couldn't’t find the place so got some more  money out, and talking about money I exchanged $400
US and got 200 UK Pounds, then I exchanged $200 US and I got 90 EURO very expensive exchange rates.
Anyway went outside to where the taxis were and lined up. No problems here, I should have just done this
originally I got a nice old guy who said “Mornin Darlin, where you Goin” in that wonderful London accent. I
felt right at home. It was your typical black English taxi cab. He asked me where I was from and when I told
him he said Oh a Kiwi girl. He told me had been to NZ when he was a merchant seaman years ago and loved it
much nicer than Australia.
Got to the Hilton but couldn’t book in until 2pm so left my bags and went walking. Had a coffee first then set
off down the street. Finally I came across this bus station with shops, I bought some coffee and crackers and
cheese and a couple of small bottles of wine to bring back to the hotel with me then noticed a hair salon that I
didn’t need an appointment, I carried on walking and eventually found another shopping mall plus Marks and
Spencer. There I bought a nice sun dress. 39 Pounds so if converted expensive but hey who wants to convert,
will worry about all that when I get back home.
My bags were killing me and I was very tired, by now I had been up 24 hours almost, I decided to go back to the
hairdressers and have a hair trim as my hair hadn’t been cut for 3 months and I had been colouring it myself
and it was a mess. The girl there was from Pakuranga. What a small world. She did a really good cut so I am
pleased and feel much better about myself now. Then I was walking back to my hotel when I saw Joanna
walking along the footpath. Wow how exciting, we went off to a little pub and sat in the garden bar and had a
glass of wine. It was her lunch break, and she only works around the corner from where I am staying here at
the Hilton.
We are going to meet up tomorrow night and she is going to show me the lights of London.
Came back booked in and then got my computer up and running. I am so pleased it works here as I am lost
without it.
Then at 4.30 I fell asleep. I woke up around 9.30 then back to sleep again at 10.30,
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