MARCH 23TH - 25th  2006 -  Auckland - Tahiti - New York

I arrived at the airport at 10am My Daughter had to be in a meeting at work at 11am so she dropped me early. What a laugh. My flight was
delayed 5 hours. Instead of

flying out at 1.30pm as expected, ended up finally getting into the air at 6pm. It is a 5 hour flight to Papeete (Tahiti) and was on an airbus. The
flight crew was lovely. Very friendly. I had an aisle seat in a row of 4 and had 3 Swedish people beside me and 2 older German men on my left.
They were all very nice to me and by the end of the journey we had struck up a couple of nice conversations. The 2 German men had on going
flights to South America which of course they missed. I have no idea what happened to them as the last I saw of them they had no place to sleep.
Poor guys, but they took it all in good humor and said it was just the adventure of travel. They actually live in NZ but I knew they were foreign the
moment they spoke.

I was last through immigration and customs which was to become a regular thing in this leg of my travel. From the airport I was collected by the
Tahiti Travel agent and taken to the RADISSON. Wow what a beautiful place. Right on the Beach. By the time I got settled into my room and I was
last again at the registration, but they lovely young man carried my bags right up to my room and set up the air con and made sure I was
comfortable so worth the wait. Anyway I finally got to sleep at 3am just laying there listening to the waves crash onto the beach, what a wonderful
sound. Of course I overslept and when I woke I had no idea what time check out was because everything was written in French. So I thought to
bad I will just go lay on this beautiful beach. I lay there and paddled in the water for the next 3 hours. Then back to my room to pack up, my
shuttle was coming for me at 5.30pm for my 9pm flight. But getting back to my room I found I was locked out. I was supposed to check out at
11am, but the French guy at reception after growling at me in such a lovely way in his sexy accent told me he wouldn't’t check me out until 5pm
and also wouldn't’t charge me extra. So I packed my bags and went off down to check out the couple of shops in the hotel. Then my shuttle arrived
30 minutes early so of course I was early to the airport and ended up sitting on my case waiting to be checked in. It was such a laid back place, so
very casual. Anyway to cut a long wait short I bought myself a black pearl necklace.
Then it was finally time to go through security and wait for boarding. My bags were scanned and it all seemed OK, but the young security guy
wanted to see inside my bag, I knew it had the all clear through the scanner he just wanted to tease me and chat to me, I growled at him for being
so naughty and inquisitive. He just laughed.

Once through immigration and customs I had to get a customs stamp as it was duty free. What a laugh - let me just say that there were on 36
passengers on the Flight from Tahiti to New York, half of us were waiting for a customs officer to come and stamp our paperwork, the crew all
boarded the plane and we told them as they past us that they would have no passengers as we were all waiting on our little stamp to claim our
duty free.

Finally we set out on our flight. Most people had a whole row of seats to themselves so a very comfy flight. I settled for a window seat with 2 seats
on it, but did not really sleep, had a couple of little naps, and watched 2 videos.