Flight to Georgia
September 7th 2005

Arrived at Atlanta airport, what a huge place. Had to go on a terminal train after getting off the plane, never
done anything like did anything like this before and it was kind of scary.  But if I didn't have a choice so off I
went and a kind lady told me where to get off. From there I met Kenny.   He helped me get my luggage and then
we went back to his place and he showed me around then we went off to have some lunch.  I had a buffalo
Burger. Later that night Cheryl came home from work and my adventure began. They took me out to dinner at a
place called Papadeaux, There I sampled alligator or maybe it was crocodile but the amount of food you got
was more than I had ever seen on a plate in my life.
Kenny and Cheryl took me to Stone Mountain where we went up the Gondola up the granite rock mountain. We
also went on the Ducks  Ride on the lake. The next day they took me to Chattanooga to the Aquarium and
Butterfly House. Then we had lunch at Sticky Fingers. A spare ribs southern style restaurant at.  WOW is all I can
say and also what a mess I made while trying to eat the ribs. Which of course I just couldn't get thru.
Ball Game Atlanta Braves V NY Mets. The Braves Won
Sticky Fingers  Restaurant Chattanooga                                                           Papadeaux Restaurant  Georgia                       
Aquarium at Chatanooga
                 Views of Atlanta from Stone Mountain
                        Ducks Ride at Stone Mountain
Stone Mountain
Aquarium at Chatanooga
Sticky Fingers