Central Park.
Stretching 51 blocks between 59th and 110th streets, this 843 acre, green rectangle has served its city well since 1859.
A good site for tourists to visit
A visit to Rockerfeller Square at Christmas Time
MARCH 23TH - 25th  2006 -  Auckland - Tahiti - New York

I am finally here in New York. What a journey

What a laugh - let me just say that there were on 36 passengers on the Flight from Tahiti to New York, half
of us were waiting for a customs officer to come and stamp our paperwork, the crew all boarded the plane
and we told them as they past us that they would have no passengers as we were all waiting on our little
stamp to claim our duty free.

Finally we set out on our flight. Most people had a whole row of seats to themselves so a very comfy flight. I
settled for a window seat with 2 seats on it, but did not’t really sleep, had a couple of little naps, and
watched 2 videos. Anyway arrived in New York and I as the only person that had to go through
immigration as a non US citizen off the flight. But for me things are never easy. Prior to my arrival an
emirates plane flew in and I am sure half of the Arab nation at arrived. I had to line up behind them all.
And what at hard time they were getting at immigration. Every single one of them was taken aside and
Interviewed, hence holding up what should have been a very quick easy exit out of the airport for me.
Once my time came I got questioned rather intensely as to why I wanted to stay so long in the US, how
much money I had, who I was planning on seeing and staying with, where I was planning on going. But I
just smiled and of course I had on a sexy low cut top and I am sure that is why I was getting questioned so
much as his eyes kept sliding down my neck.

Well finally I get out of immigration and go to get my bags and there were 2 security guards with my
lonely little bag, I guess they were thinking where is the owner. I quickly claimed my bag and headed to
the customs check. Once again caught up before all these Arabs. The guy there gave me an ever harder
time but I just kept smiling at him and chatting to him, finally he let me through.
I got to the meeting areas only to find nobody there to meet me, I had given  the wrong date, and said I
was arriving the day before, I just got myself all mixed up with times, so after making a phone call,  I had
another wait, but finally I got collected and bought to my new home for the next 3 months.

Wow another bit of a shock. I wasn’t quite expecting quite so many black people, I have not seen a white
face yet, but hey I am sure I will do just fine. I don’t plan on going out exploring for a while until I find a bit
more confidence in myself. So here I am sitting writing the beginning of the next saga of my life, I am sure
it will be a very exciting and enlightening one.