From Manhattan, you can get to the bridge across the street from City Hall Park. It's quite a walk from end to end. It's just as satisfying to go to the middle of the
bridge and then walk back. That way, you've truly walked the length of the bridge.
If you are a trooper and want to head to Brooklyn, visit the beautiful section of Brooklyn Heights which is located just south of the bridge.
Both bicycles and pedestrians are free to use the wooden walkway which is elevated over the traffic. You'll find a great cross section of people coming and going
on this's by no means just for tourists!!!
A monument to man's ingenuity and creativity, this world famous steel suspension bridge was designed by architect John Roebling between 1867 and 1883.
Many lives were lost constructing the first "hotlink" between Brooklyn and Manhattan.  
The bridge's renowned double-arched towers were set firmly into the East River's bedrock while the unprecedented use of steel cables allowed for future
bridges to span great distances
2 Boots Restaurant - Park Slope Brooklyn
In 1989 Two Boots of Brooklyn opened as a
neighborhood restaurant & bar devoted to
serving fun food and lively drinks in a friendly
and funky atmosphere.  Ther name comes from
the shapes of Louisiana and Italy: the menu is
Cajun and Italian, and includes gumbo,
jambalaya, southern fried chicken, fresh seafood,
New Orleans po’boy sandwiches/
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and Prospect Park and Prospect Park Zoo
A 52 acre garden that blooms amid the city's brick and concrete. There is always something to see. The garden is the fourth largest
cultural attraction in New York.
Grand Army Plaza - Brooklyn
Flatbush Ave Brooklyn
Varisano Bridge - Brooklyn