Arrival in New York JFK
September 4th 2005

Arrived at JFK midnight. Collected my baggage stepped outside the terminal and WOW I am finally in New York, I caught a cab to my hotel. $325
plus bridge tolls. At that stage didnt have a clue what the cab driver was on about with bridge tolls and to be honest still cant see why I had to pay
but never mind I arrived safely to my hotel and thats what mattered. The first night I stayed at the most amazing hotel called the Fitzpatrick Hotel.
$324 a night. It was an amazing place. My present to myself for my birthday.   I was on a buzz. Got settled in then went for a walk - got back at 2am in
the morning. Silly me forgot my camera and I walked to Grand Central Station, it was brilliant by night.
I was supposed to stay with a friend in New York but changed my mind about it, so after my amazing night I had to find another place to stay.
Next morning sat at a place called Herald Square and had a coffee. Got somebody to take my photo. Then found myself a small hotel called the
Stanford hotel. It was nice enough for the couple of days that I was going to be staying in New York. Today was the Brazilian festival, never in my
entire life have I seen so many people in one place. I was a little overwhelmed so went off to  explore Manhattan away from the crowds. Found where
I had to collect my tickets for my hop-on hop-off bus tour the next day. Good way to get to see the sights but I overslept so missed out on the full days
tour. Saw the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, also all the major buildings and various historic places.
It was my birthday - spent it alone but I had done what I set out to do _SPEND MY BIRTHDAY IN NEW YORK. It was a lovely day just exploring the
shops and the sights. I got lost when the bus returned to the terminal I thought I was getting off next to the Empire State building which was only 2
blocks from my Hotel, but I was very wrong. The tour had ended and I had to find my way back to my hotel. I was in peak hour pedestrian traffic
SOOOO many people. My phone rang, it was a text from my youngest son, he was upset with things at home and when I told him I was lost in
Manhattan surrounded by thousands of people he decided his problems were not quite so bad. But alls well that ends well, I found my way back and
along the way found the biggest TOY shop ever. A ferris wheel in the window. I just had to go inside and explore it.
That night I went to meet up with a friend that I had told I would meet in New York for my birthday. He got such a surprise that I had called as he
didnt know I was in the States. I had told him a long time back that I wanted to spend my birthday in New York. So it was the day after my birthday
but I was still in New York. We had a meal at Two Boots Restaurant in Brooklyn. Had Jambalaya, this would have to be one of my all time favorite
dinners now.  On the way from Manhattan to Brooklyn I asked the Cab driver to stop on the top of the Manhattan Bridge so that I could take a photo
of th Brooklyn Bridge, "What Lady - are you crazy" - well the guy wouldn't talk to me, so if nothing else I got him chatting.
The following morning, 4am I had to set off for JFK to continue on to the next stage of my US exploring tour. I did a terrible thing, I was so tired I
forgot to tip the Bell Boy when he put my bags into the Taxi, I wonder if he ever forgave me, but hey it is 4am in the morning and I havent got home
from my dinner date until 2am. That dinner date proved to be my biggest mistake in life and now I am living to regret it.
Anyway i am now off to Georgia
Hotel Stanford                   
Fitzpatrick Hotel -

The Fitzpatrick Manhattan
hotel on Lexington Ave is
close to the theatres and
museums of the East Side as
well as the many attractions
of the Big Apple.