Now I am in Virginia, bit of a frost this morning but a beautiful day ahead of me. Virginia is very pretty, lots of trees and very historical old houses,
it is where the civil war was fought so lots of history here.
The Big NASCAR Race is on so lots of people around.  

I visited Maymont Gardens. I very pretty place.  Also did a little tour to a place called Fredericksburg, pretty place with lots of history; it is about
half way from Virginia to Washington DC. I visited a place called Capron which is a tiny cotton and soy bean farming community. There are lots of
snakes there in the cotton fields. So maybe I will get to see some more snakes. I think I will wear filled in shoes not my jandals. Went to see the
Wright Bros Museum. It was a very windy day but I enjoyed the trip.

I headed off to Virginia Beach which is a couple of hours away.  On the way I passed thru a place called Lynnfield when we stopped to watch the
fishing on the wharf. I put my feet into the water but a bit cold.

While at Virginia Beach went for a little tour of Norfolk. Visited the Museum and also went for a ferry ride down at the harbour.

Headed back to Virginia and soon my visit here will be over.  I visited the Hollywood Cemetery on my way to the airport
My stay in Virginia is over I love it here. So much history and so much to see.